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INIS is a group of talented, professional, experienced Israeli & Indian entrepreneurs with one goal: to assist Israeli companies with mature products, to effectively penetrate the rapidly growing Indian market.

We offer proven advantages by reducing the barriers of entry to the Indian market, while substantially controlling risk, reducing time, resources and financial costs.

INIS shares its existing and successful platform to provide a cost effective local sales representative office for its clients. Our platform includes all required sales & marketing support to achieve a smooth, effective and quicker market penetration.

Our clients enjoy the expert advice of sales and business consultants, project and support managers, as well as legal and tax consultants to assist at every stage from planning to implementation of the commercial plan.

INISs years of experience in a wide range of Israeli industries ranging from Financial Solutions to Sales and Marketing combined with an outstanding group of professionals and a winning approach broadens our proved capabilities and enhances our ability to identify, confront and resolve any commercial challenge for our clients.

Our clients need the support of experts who provide on-time, comprehensive and efficient answers to help their business move forward rapidly. We provide our clients with such a service.

We believe in one relevant business result: Profitable Sales!